Client testamonials

Absolutely Phenomenal VA Disability/Military Compensation Lawyer

“To say the least, my experience with Military Disability and Compensation prior to getting out was abysmal . I was severely injured while serving and sustained many injuries requiring extensive surgeries to correct. After going through the medical board evaluation process multiple times and through numerous appeals I was left completely hopeless and defeated. Upon getting out, I was extremely hesitant to apply to the VA and receive compensation evaluations, as I assumed the process would be equally as strenuous, tedious, and defeating. After being recommended by a coworker to Mr. Pardue and Dr. Seiter I was still very apprehensive as I had little experience with lawyers and as most people are aware, the stereotypes surrounding injury law vary significantly, and aren’t always inspiring. Mr. Pardue literally shattered all misconceptions and misgivings I had regarding not only lawyers, but the disability process in general. The nightmare of trudging through documents and praying you have the right code for whatever disability you think you may or may not have, and pouring through the onslaught of thousands of different disability codes became a dream come true through these exceptional individuals. Dr. Seiter and Mr. Pardue kept in constant contact and spent countless hours with me pinning down the right disabilities and right codes for each, answering all my questions thoroughly, and involving me in each step of the process, custom tailoring my claim to my experience enabling it for success. They were there from the inception of my new claim and afterwards with the submission of additional claims, and worked with me and my family ensuring the greatest level of understanding and knowledge was achieved by my family and I. I truly don’t know what I would have done without their help, I owe them the world, as they have made the world of difference in our lives. If you have any apprehension about contacting these two, understandably as I did, they have my contact number and I encourage you to ask for it and contact me for my personal experience and recommendation. I would be more than happy to help any veteran receive help through these two incredible individuals. I have nothing but extolling praise for this legal team, if I could give 6/5 stars I would. The cost is trivial and negligible in the scheme of things, as the time you will save, the peace of mind, and the outcome of your claims will more than drastically offset any expense incurred. Please, I encourage any vet, at any stage of the claims process to do themselves a life changing favor and call them, at least for a consult. You’d be amazed at the difference they can make in not only your claim, but your lives.”

Turned my VA nightmare into a sweet dream

“I am a Gulf War Vet that lived with my problems for many years. In 2013 i finally went to the VA for help and on advice from a very helpful VA employee I began filing claims. Everything i filed got flatly rejected. Frustrated i gave up and walked away. In 2016 i decided to try again but my appeal time had lapsed so I had to file new claims. on advice of another Veteran friend i sought out Chuck Pardue. I brought everything i had and was told they could not handle the appeal because my time to appeal had lapse but on the same day as the consult they sat down with me and helped me fill out the paperwork for a new claim ( same stuff) but refused to charge me for this advise and help. Their help resulted in a VA rating of 90 percent!!!!!!!!! That decision took about 9 months. There were a few items denied that i wanted to appeal so I went back to Pardue. This is when i was introduced to Dr. T.J. Seiter. Dr. Seiter went through my claims, health record and VA records then spent 16 hours with me talking and examining me. He found other things i had been living with for so long i considered them normal and helped me file new claims on those items and with my appeals. The new items took less than 60 days to get a rating decision on because of TJ’s diligence and attention to detail on the claims. The end result is I am now rated at 100 percent with 2 special monthly compensations added on to it. I never could have achieved this with out the help of Chuck Pardue and Dr. Seiter. Both men are former Army and Navy officers and understand the issues veterans face both medically and in dealing with the VA. I cannot say enough about these two fine men and what their help has meant to my family.”


Social Security Disability back dated during Active Duty status

“Chuck was referred to me by another soldier while I was going through my Medical Evaluation Board at the WTB on Ft. Gordon. I had been turned down twice for SS Disability, even with a mountain of medical evidence from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany and stateside facililities, dating back to when I got injured. So we hired Chuck, because of his Military background and reputation with Military families. He worked hard for me and my family, getting us a court date quicker than we thought we would get one. I was very impressed when I went to court and the judge was extremely cordial to Chuck and everything went a lot smoother than I had anticipated. I received a fully favorable decision, rating my disability two and a half years back into my Active Duty service, when I was actually injured, about a month after we went to court.”


VA Disability Benefits Claim

“Mr Pardue came highly recommended by another local law firm which was very familiar with the incredible success the Pardue Law Firm has had with representing/winning military and VA disability cases. Mr Pardue is currently working to help my husband get the VA disability benefits which he so rightly deserves for his military service. Mr Pardue and his staff met with us several times, reviewed all letters of VA benefits denial, reviewed all doctor/hospital statements and evidence, reviewd my husband’s military records thoroughly, and listened carefully to our concerns and issues surrounding my husband’s particular case. He and his staff researched applicable VA regs, laws, and medical evidence pertaining to /supporting my husband’s case; as well as, reviewed other similar legal cases to see how they were handled. After much analysis and preparation, he requested a hearing with the VA regional office in Atlanta, traveled there to represent my husband, and did an outstanding job of presenting our case. This resulted in my husband being evaluated by another VA QTC medical doctor. The outcome of that evaluation is not yet known at this time, but I feel confident that all will go in our favor. Additionally, Mr. Pardue informed us of other VA medical benefits for which my husband is entitled and encouraged us to file for those. Mr. Pardue and his staff handled everything, which took a big load off my shoulders since I am my husband’s only care provider. He assured us that he would continue to work our case until we are successful in getting all the disability VA benefits my husband is rightfully entitled to. Mr Pardue and his staff are not only very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in what they do; they keep you informed, respond adequately to your needs in a timely manner, and show genuine care and concern for you as a person. I can’t think of any other attorney I would want to represent my husband at this time.”


When you won't settle for anything but the best!

 “Mr. Chuck Pardue is an excellent lawyer, which I would highly recommend to anyone. He not only offers his help, but listens to each concern you have in an area you may not fully understand. Thank you so much for being there for our family, when we were in our grief.”


Appointment of a Guardian and Conservatorship

“Chuck Pardue is an excellent well spoken person and attorney. I am pleased the way he handled my case; his ability to explain his rational, his concern for me and his strong moral beliefs. I am a senior citizen and retired military male. An unjust accusation lawsuit was brought against me. Chuck Pardue came to my defense and handled all aspects of the lawsuit in a professional and winning manner. He exceeded all expectations and without a doubt I would not hestitate to recommend him.”

        -Guardianship client


“Attorney Chuck Pardue and staff are simply amazing and understanding of their client needs. Mr. Pardue was responsive and available to answer questions and address my concerns in a timely manner. I give Mr. Pardue and his staff a 5 star rating because they are simply without a doubt the best law firm in the Augusta area!!!!”


Great guy!

 “This man helped in a military dispute while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. He was fair in his fee and went above and beyond. He was available at a moments notice to speak with me when I had questions or concerns. Hiring the right attorney is not easy. I am so glad we chose Mr. Pardue and after working with him for a few days I confident you will feel the same!! Very satisfied clients!!!”

        -A client

Experienced, Knowledgable, Understanding the Client's Case!!!

Mr. Chuck Pardue was very helpful and took the time to really get to know and understand my situation and my case which was rather complex and difficult involving many complex related situations. His entire office was extremely professional and my appointments were made quickly and sometimes the very same day if needed. He worked within my limited budget and was able to help me understand the legal terms when I received copies of paperwork in the mail from other agencies. He was able to meet all timelines despite his heavy workload with other clients. I would highly recommend him for any situation you might need representation i.e. Auto accidents, Medical Malpractice, or Hostile Work Environment Disputes involving large Corporations such as in my case. He takes the time to read all the material and process the information in a way that clearly represents that he knows what the client is going thru and how it relates to the Law, and what needs to be done. I would highly recommend Obtaining Mr. Chuck Pardue as your Attorney.”



“Chuck Pardue assisted me in my divorce . He completed all the necessary documents timely, which made the process very quick. I would definitely recommend him to other. I talked to many lawyers in Augusta, GA over the phone, since I live out of state I could not meet anyone in person. I hired Mr. Pardue because he assured me that he would take care of everything and he would try his best not to have me travel to Augusta, GA. Also I decided to hire him because he listened and told me what I needed to know in detail, so I was aware of the divorce process.”

        -Divorce client

Do You Want Justice? Do you want a Lawyer Who Truly Looks Out For Your Best Interest? Chuck Pardue Is Their For You!

“I recommend him fully 100% because after losing thousands of dollars with previous lawyers before Chuck R. Pardue, in which those lawyers were only looking out for their best interest and money, were not as responsive as Chuck Pardue, and were not capable or did not have the determination to resolve my case as Chuck Pardue does have: The determination as he is very focused on his cases, the knowledge as he has a lot of Military and Civil Rights knowledge, the capacity to absorb a lot of information my case being over two years long, fierce confidence not being afraid to negotiate or take proper action for what is right and reliability as he has been their for me as a Lawyer, and has not let me down. He is very dependable and I fully trust him because he has showed me in actions in my Divorce/Civil-Military case that I can. He stands up for what is right me being a victim of Domestic Violence. He keeps me updated the whole time about all up-dates and responses from the opposite counsel. He is a great negotiator to the best of my interest and benefits. He has a lot of Military Law Knowledge and will very well inform you of all your rights not just inform you but fight till the end no matter the miles it takes literally speaking I living in Savannah he drove down from Augusta and had my back as a Lawyer for a mediation and would not take no for an answer at least not without a better offer or negotiation that was already communicated to me by him before hand. This is just one example of the many cases he has successfully done for me serving justice. You won’t regret nor be disappointed with his service. I encourage to whom is in need of a lawyer or is searching for one…To stop searching… He is a one in a million type of Lawyer who will fight for your rights. That is Chuck R. Pardue just in small terms.”


Great Divorce Attorney

“Chuck Pardue assisted me in my divorce . He completed all the necessary documents timely, which made the process very quick. I would definitely recommend him to other. I talked to many lawyers in Augusta, GA over the phone, since I live out of state I could not meet anyone in person. I hired Mr. Pardue because he assured me that he would take care of everything and he would try his best not to have me travel to Augusta, GA. Also I decided to hire him because he listened and told me what I needed to know in detail, so I was aware of the divorce process.”

        -Divorce client

Professional Honest Service

        “I hired Mr. Pardue to assist me with a military issue while stationed overseas, email correspondence was crucial. Mr. Pardue responded to all my emails in a timely manner assisting and advising me until I returned stateside. I was able to meet with Mr. Pardue as needed in person; a phone call ahead of time was all I needed in order to meet in person. Mr. Pardue drafted documents, allowing time for my review and input. Mr. Pardue would call and check on family to make sure we were holding up and in good spirits, which I have never experienced with past lawyers. All of Mr. Pardues services were reasonably priced and fair. Mr. Pardue was not satisfied with a product unless I was. I will keep Mr. Pardue on board for any future actions needed for my case and for any other legal issues that may arise. Hands down the best lawyer I have ever hired, I highly recommend Mr. Pardue.”


Eager to bring justice to your case

 “Would highly recommend! Very knowledgable and helpful in guiding me in my pursuit. Took the time to explain my situation from the legal stand point. He gave me important information that I would need to file my claim when other attorneys I had spoke with did not. The best and most convenient part of our consultation is that I spoke with him the first time I called with no delays.”



“Mr Chuck Pardue is a serious Power house This guy will go out his way to ensure that he will get the best result For you and your family. Especially in a Military Law Matter This Guy Pull me out of a Court Martial In which i would have been ruined for life if i was convicted of something i did or did not do. Chuck Pardue is not a joke He take his work extremely serious and is very dangerous and effective on military cases. You Better Believe This Guy is a prosecutor worse nightmare. He Ensure that all dirty tactics and dirty moves are exposed.If you are in some type of trouble under the Uniform Code of miltary Justice (UCMJ) Keep your mouth shut and give him a call he saved my life i have no doubt in my mind he would save yours”

        -Military Law client

Veteran Benefits & Military Law

“Mr. Chuck Pardue is Knowledgeable in the military settings. He is one of the only lawyers that would review my case and understand the concerns i have, He has given me good advice and step by step ways of dealing with the Va systems and understanding what can happen and how things will work. other lawyers have turned me down but Mr Pardue is willing to stand beside me and fight my case to the govt. I received a fast reply none automated replys and no let down if he cant help at the time due to the nature of the case his expert advice will give options to move forward in a different manner.”


Military Law client

“If you ever, find yourself in a world of trouble under the Uniform Code Military Justice System. And you know for sure you life will have some serious consequences from a mistake you have done or accused of doing i highly recommend this lawyer. Mr Pardue is a Retired Jag Officer that is a very effective and powerful defense counsel. This guy is a prosecutor worse nightmare. He knows everything a prosecutor is thinking and has a plan to counter it to protect you your rights and your family well being. I was pending a special court martial with the US Government with tons of evidence stacked against me. Notice i said tons of evidence. Now in the government eyes evidence is everything from hearsay to anything a person puts on sworn statements. Believe it or not your command wants to fry you and your guilt is already determined. The prosecutors are trying to look good throw you in jail or kick you out the military with virtually nothing. Mr Pardue navigated through the prosecution tactics and destroys the governments lying witnesses. When I mean lying witnesses This Guy delivered a Surgical Strike cross examination which caught a commander lying under oath in administrative hearing trust me this guy is awesome he saved my life.”


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