Service Connecting Hepatitis via Jet Gun Injector Vaccinations

Although the practice is no longer considered safe, for many decades the service branches vaccinated troops with a jet gun injector device. Veterans were lined up in formation and vaccinated one after the other with this device, with no sanitation of the needle which was used on multiple veterans.

The VA concedes that they used these jet gun injectors for vaccinations and concedes the biological plausibility of transmission of hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases (see VA Fast Letter 04-13).

Our firm has successfully argued and won cases that service connected hepatitis C and other blood-borne illnesses on the basis that they were transmitted via the jet gun injector vaccinations.

If you were vaccinated in this manner in the service and that jet gun vaccination was the only risk factor that you believe you have that would have exposed you to the disease, then you may be eligible for benefits.

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