Is the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) Right for You?

The VA is rolling out invitations to their new “RAMP” appeals process, but what exactly is RAMP and is it right for you?

RAMP requires a veteran to withdraw his/her appeal and enroll in the “new” claims process. After enrolling, a veteran has to choose between filing a “new claim” or requesting an “informal hearing” to present the case without the ability to submit new evidence. The VA has not released any specific details about how the new process will be governed. The VA is asking you to trust that they will get it right.

Do you trust the VA to get it right for you?

There are a lot of reasons to distrust the VA and this new process. The VA is pushing hard for veterans to enroll into this system before they have a full grasp on how they will handle these claims. If you enroll in RAMP and you are denied, your claim will remain in limbo until the new appeals process is revealed in full.

If you are withdrawing an appeal and enrolling in RAMP, you are giving up your place in line to go before a Board of Veterans Appeals Judge. Giving up that chance is a huge gamble, so you must make sure that your case is strong.

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